Take Control of Your Power Supply with our Battery Solutions

Store energy. Save money. Never be without power again.
You can even do it without solar!

Take Advantage of Government Rebates

Guarantee Supply During Power Outages

Maximise Your Solar & Off-Peak Grid Times

Most people are leaving money on the table by wasting free solar energy and cheap off-peak prices.

When prices are climbing, you are at the mercy of electricity retailers. When the sun goes down, you know so much of that free energy has gone unused. When the power goes out, you are stuck waiting on the network.
But what if you could take control of the situation and become energy independent?

Get your battery sorted with Lima. Here’s what you’re in for:

Highest quality batteries on the market – Tesla, LG and BYD

We use the latest, long-lasting, low-maintenance lithium-ion batteries. 10 year warranty. Modern colour and designs. Clean Energy Council approved.

Slash electricity bills with or without solar panels

Store up solar energy during the day to use when the sun stops shining. Or use the grid to charge up batteries overnight and make the most of off-peak grid prices.

Affordable prices with government rebates

Solar Victoria rebates are available for solar batteries, up to $2,950 for households. We help our clients assess their eligibility and are upfront about how much a battery will save them.

At Lima, you’re no longer at the mercy of energy retailers or solar instability

We assess your needs and provide a personalised plan to store energy, ensuring power reliability and cutting electricity bills.

Let us future proof your home. Create a passive home. Get ready for electric vehicles. Reduce your carbon footprint.
We’ll help you navigate the government rebates to get you the best deal possible.

Create a future proofed home and minimise your impact on the environment.

Become energy independent and never worry about power again.

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