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We’re about much more than powerpoints and lighting.

Our focus is on minimising your electricity bills, maximising your energy efficiency, and reducing maintenance costs.

Badly configured and installed wiring and electrical infrastructure is even more costly than inefficient equipment and appliances.

We assess your needs before providing a customised solution that will cut your bills immediately and set you up for a worry-free future.

Smart electrical tips to help you become energy efficient:


Outdated wiring is probably costing you money. Rewiring will achieve optimum efficiency.

Smart Home Technology

Gain full control of your lighting, security system, heating & cooling & more, for convenience & savings.

LED Lighting

True energy efficiency with sensor management & dimmable response systems.


What are some of the most common electrical problems and job requests Lima can help with?

Electrical surges: Surges that occur from incidents such as: lightning strikes, power line damage, faulty appliances and/or bad electrical wiring in the home. Continuous surges can damage appliances and electrical components in the home which reduce efficiency and life expectancy. We also perform a routine called ‘fault finding’ to trace the root of the problem. 

AC power production issues (caused by high line voltage which can cause the inverter to switch off the AC power): We inspect the solar system as to why it is not working. We are able to adjust the setting on the inverter or arrange for the electricity distributor (e.g. Ausnet Services in Gippsland) to come out and adjust the grid to home voltage.

Phase loading of circuits – For circuits that need greater solar power help (note: multiphase only). Properties can be one, two, or three-phase supply but for solar inverters, only, one or three phase. Therefore, two inverters are required for a two phase property or one inverter is used and we divert most of the property energy load to the phase linked to the inverter.

Light switches or Powerpoints – Outlets that are not working properly or arcing

Circuit breaker tripping: Often high wattage appliances such as hairdryers, kettles, or microwaves can cause the circuit breaker to trip. The circuit breaker trips where there is too much load on the circuit.

Short-circuiting: When certain cables are touching without a load connected, for example, when a powerpoint with nothing plugged in, comes into contact with water or is mechanically damaged.

Appliance Installation –  For customer that want to install appliances (e.g. AC split systems or a spa) but do not have not enough of a power supply which may require a ‘mains’ upgrade (i.e. cabling upsized from the grid).

Supplying power to new homes and/or sheds: Overhead or underground supply

Upgrading lighting –  Switchgear

Upgrade switchboard: For safety purposes or to allow for electrical upgrades. RCD (also known as safety switches) have a test button. 

Additions or Renovations: Services such as adding lights, powerpoints, feature lighting etc.

Exit & Emergency lighting –  Exit lights and smoke alarms for homes & businesses

Diversification of solar product supply and installation techniques –  For normal or architectural and multi storey homes. 

Existing solar system faults – Underperformance or failed parts (e.g panels or inverters) 

Test & tagging of tools – Appliances and RCDs

Installing generators – Including the change over switches for businesses and homes

Domestic & Commercial electrical power & lighting faults – power outages, lights not working, generator back up installations.

What are the most common electrical works to help someone to save on bills or monitor usage?

Rewire: The size of the cable can determine efficiency and ensure optimum performance for solar power

Smart Home Technologies: We can help enable homeowners to remotely access security cameras anywhere, receive alerts when sensors detect movement, control lighting and blind arrangements when not at home, and disarm alarm systems allowing for deliveries or visitors. 

Energy saving technology can support greater energy efficiency and energy savings. For example, apps that control lighting, i.e. to turn off lights from any room in the home, or setting timers for energy draining appliances such as pool pumps and air conditioning. Examples of DIY smart devices include smart lighting such as Philips Hue, smart locks, smart plugs, thermostats. Single room install solutions: examples include – ProControl, Bitwise. 

LED lighting solutions – With sensor management and dimmable response systems

Timers & PE Cells – These devices can be programmed to control certain items like lights, pool equipment, electric towel rails, hot water services and powerpoints (appliance wall heaters) to operate at times of needed use.

Do you offer any fixed fee service?

No, we do not do fixed fees or packages for there are too many factors involved. Every job is quoted through a site inspection followed by a custom quotation. An hourly rate of $88 inc GST may apply for any initial engagement which qualifies as an electrician callout.

What are the charges for site inspection and general call out?

Site inspections for quotes are free. 

For general call outs, such as for service call outs (i.e. faults or safety checks) are charged at an hourly rate.

Here’s what our happy clients say about Lima:

  • Highly recommend Lima electrical. They installed our solar system a few months ago and we had them back to install power in and to our shed. The guys provided great advice, had a competitive price, neat installation, and cleaned up afterwards. The are also quick to respond to any queries. Keep up the good work.

    Adrian Clements
  • Absolutely great value for money and amazing service. Kept in touch from step one to the end. Communication was second to none A+. The team worked through bad weather and got the job done, best of all cleaned up everything and great value for money. Couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch of people. Keep it local people. Totally worth it.

    Tania Butler
  • The Lima team have installed ceiling fans as well as a solar system at my residence. Their quoting and consultation process was amazing and very helpful. They sourced the best products on the market and the quality of the installation and technical support has been fantastic. Highly recommend.

    Andrew Newman
  • Our coffee shop could not be functioning the way it is today without Lima. Absolutely incredible work every single time. If you need the job done right Lima are the people for the job. Thanks Chris and the team 👌

    Daniel Chessels

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