Slash Your Electricity Bills with Solar

Full service from organising government rebates,
system designs to full installation

We help you make the most of Government Rebates

Minimise Electrical Bills or Go Off-Grid

Totally Set-And-Forget

Switching to solar is a no-brainer, though the process appears to be a minefield…

Despite our rainy state of Victoria, you’d be surprised on how solar can be a total game changer to your electrical bills and the overall environment.

The government supports us to switch to solar with some amazing offers, but navigating the rebate maze is tough.

Whether you’re a homeowner, rental owner, rural property or business, getting solar and making the most out of it with us can truly be a no-brainer.

At Lima Electrical & Solar, you’ll get:

Clear Estimation & Projection on Bill Saving

Get clear on your savings right from the beginning. Before work starts you’ll know where your solar panels need to be installed to make the most of sun hours, and what savings you’ll be making in the long-term.

Government Rebates that makes sense

Solar Victoria rebates and discounts are available to home-owners, rentals and businesses. We help our clients assess their eligibility and check back after installation to make sure tariffs have been applied correctly. Making sure you’re getting the most out of your savings.

Guaranteed Workmanship to Maximise Your Solar Capacity & Protect Your Roof

You don’t need to worry about your roof! We treat your property as our own. So no roofs are harmed in the making of your services. We come back for 6-monthly check up and make sure your system will be compatible for future battery upgrades.

At Lima, we are here to ensure a sufficient solar system to help you:

Stay operational in a blackout

Pay off your solar system within 3-5 years with bill savings

Power your smart home or business for less

Avoid power failures if you’re in rural

Make a sustainable switch to stay on top of environmental shifts

Boost your savings with government rebates

How it Works

Request a Quote Today

Book a quote and we’ll talk through the process with you. So you’re clear on what rebates you may be eligible for and how solar works.

Get A Clear Solar Plan & Professional Installation

Before you start you’ll know your estimated savings, what the solar panels will look like on your property, if work needs to be done to maximise solar hours and which product is best for your needs. And we clear up after ourselves to leave your property spotless.

Make smart savings with solar energy

See the savings build with sustainable energy in your home, commercial property, rural property or rental.

Isn’t it time to switch to solar and save on your electricity bill?

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